Budget Funds Spent Last Year Exceed Approved Amount

The 13th session of Committee on Economic and Financial Policy of Parliamentary Assembly’s HoR of FBiH was held on Monday, May 16, 2016.

The Report on performing the FBiH budget for 2015 was considered during the session. Representatives of the Project for Strengthening Governmental Institutions and Processes (SGIP) in BiH presented the analysis on performing the FBiH Budget for 2015 to the Committee members.

Total income determined by the Rebalance of Budget amounted to 2,348.4 million BAM which is 14.3 million BAM or 0.6% more in comparison to the budget amount approved for 2015. The total revenue determined by the Rebalance amounts to 2,348.45 BAM which is 14.2 million BAM or 1% more in comparison to the budget amount approved for 2015. 

The highest percentage of income for 2015 was income gathered from taxes, financing and non-taxable income. On the other hand, the highest revenue was in current transfers, debt payments and interest, salaries, compensations and contributions, expenses for material and services, expenses for financial property and capital expenses with less than 1% of participation in performance.

The institutions at FBiH level , public firms, cantons, municipalities and cities have the highest participation in the total debt of FBiH.

It was emphasized that it is required to deliver the budget documents timely to the Parliament of FBiH and in accordance with the Law and introduce program budgeting, i.e. merge the programming process of the Government of FBiH with the budget process.


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