Bosanska Krupa Municipality to Fund Two Best Youth Startups

On January 5, 2014, the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa published a public call for funding youth startups in Bosanska Krupa, as part of a programme which is being implemented by the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa in cooperation with the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

The programme aims to improve and strengthen the mechanisms for supporting youth entrepreneurship in local communities and creating jobs through providing financial and advisory support to young entrepreneurs who are starting their own business, and providing youth with an opportunity for personal growth through volunteering.

All natural persons are eligible, whether individually or in teams, provided that at the time of the application they are not considered entrepreneurs, even if they previously were. All persons of legal age may apply, provided that they are not older than 35, that their registered place of residence is in Bosanska Krupa, and that they have an interesting business idea they want to implement by starting their own business on the territory of the Bosanska Krupa municipality.

The idea must be presented in the form of a business plan, in any area except trade and hospitality industries (unless the idea is original and related to tourism and domestic products), and the business must be started in Bosanska Krupa.

The Municipality of Bosanska Krupa will be funding 2 startup businesses with 2,500.00 BAM each.

In order to contribute to meeting the aforementioned goals, the Institute for Youth Development KULT will provide the municipality with professional and technical support during the process of publishing the public call, selecting the business plan and monitoring the implementation.

All those who are interested in applying are invited to attend an instruction session in the Cultural Centre in Bosanska Krupa, on January 9, starting at 10 am, during which they will learn about all the details concerning the programme and obtain information on how they can apply and implement their ideas.

The call will remain open for 30 days, and close on February 4, 2015. The public call is published on the Municipality’s website, along with the application form and an example of a completed form.

The public call can be accessed here.


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