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Training for Young Fighters for Human Rights and Peacebuilders

Learn, Think and Act! Generation 16


Over the past 18 years, the Institute for Youth Development KULT has been conducting programs, projects and initiatives contributing to building a functional society in BiH, where young people can live up to their full potential. To do so, the Institute closely cooperates with all levels of government in BiH, and other civil society organizations, but the most important link are young people – the Institute’s driving force.


We want to work with youth from different local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and give you an opportunity to be a part of Generation 16 of Learn, Think and Act! (UMiD) training for young leaders. We want to show you a different point of view, motivate you to bring change to your local community and make it into what you and your peers need it to be. We want you to complete the training and send a clear message #necudaidem (eng. I don’t want to leave) the country because #zelimgRaditi (eng. I want to work/build).


UMiD is a one-year training, an incubator for young leaders active in the democratic society. UMiD is a training that prepares you to become an active leader in your local community and take part in solving youth problems, while at the same time preparing for your own career, learn new skills, meet new young people like yourself, socialize and grow.

UMiD consists of 12 modules spread out throughout the year, including summer school. Each module takes three days. The modules will follow the schedule below:

Module I

23–25/ 1/ 2020

Module II

13–15/ 2/ 2020

Module III

19–21/ 3/ 2020

Module IV

16–18/ 4/2020

Module V

14–16/ 5/ 2020

Modules VI, VII and VIII – Summer School

9–15/ 7/ 2020

Module IX

1 -12/ 9/ 2020

Module X

15–17/ 10/ 2020

Module XI

12–14/ 11/ 2020

Module XII

3-5/ 12/ 2020

During these modules you will Learn about team work and leadership. Human rights and peacebuilding will become your thing, and the training will make you Think about civil activism as a tool for making change happen. After designing a concrete and practical activity, you will be able to Act in your local community and improve the position of young people. The Institute will be there to provide you with mentorship and financial support. You will learn how to lobby and work with the media, first during the modules, and then by using what you learned while making your idea into reality. You can be sure that you’ll get new opportunities, become more competitive on the labor market and make new friends. You’re in for a year of fun, positive experiences, friendly atmosphere, great young people and lots of new things to learn and experience, so keep reading.

To see what other young UMiD participants think of the training, take a look at this  video.


You will if you apply. If you don’t apply, then you will never know! There are some conditions you need to meet. This isn’t just about you anymore, it’s about two of you. This is a job for teams, so we want two participants from each local community, and we want you to apply as a team that meets the following criteria:

  • The team consists of one male and one female member.
  • You are both between 18 and 30 years old on the day the first modules starts.
  • You are a BiH resident.
  • You want to contribute to building a better life for children and youth in your local community.
  • You want to learn more about human rights and peacebuilding.


Believe it or not, it’s practically free. The Institute for Youth Development KULT will cover expenses for the transportation, accommodation, food and materials you will be using during workshops, and additional activities too. The cost for you is investing your free time in a worthwhile pursuit, taking advantage of this opportunity and getting a major return on your investment after a year.


If you meet all the conditions, then it’s very simple. Just follow the steps below and you will soon be a part of the big UMiD family, through Generation 16.

  1. Using audio, video or text, share your opinion about one of the principles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
    1. Right to life, liberty and personal security
    2. Right to freedom of movement
    3. Right to peaceful assembly and association
    4. Right to education
    5. Right to employment
    6. Right to participate in cultural activities
    7. Freedom of opinion and expression
    8. Freedom of religion

(NOTE: you have to do this task as a team. If you’re making an audio or video recording, we want to hear/see both of you, and the recording should be under three minutes. If you go for writing instead, it shouldn’t be longer than one page (Times New Roman 11).

  1. Apply together, using the electronic form you can find here: which should also contain your work on the topic of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  2. Use the form to tell us what you would like to do for young people in your local community with 1000.00 BAM.

Selected participants will sign contracts on attending the training with the Institute, and those who successfully complete all modules and pass the final test will be awarded certificates.

If you need more information call us at 033 778 763 or send an email to

We’re receiving applications until December 27, 2019, 4 p.m.

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