Amending Budget for FBiH in 2013 in Parliamentary Procedure

During yesterday’s 29th session, members of the Committee on Economic and Development Policy, Finance and Budget of the FBiH Parliament’s House of People discussed the following items on the agenda:

  1. Adopting the Minutes from the 28th session of the Committee,
  2. Proposal on amendments and supplements to the budget of FBiH for 2014 – emergency procedure,
  3. Proposal law on amendments and supplements to the law on budget execution of FBiH for 2014 -– emergency procedure,
  4. Proposal law on games of chance,
  5. Proposal law on domestic payments,
  6. Proposal decision on amendments to the Decision on adopting the Expenditure programme for funds allocated to the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry in the 17th budget allocation for FBiH in 2014, Current transfer and other current expenditures Subsidies for public companies and Subsidies for private companies and entrepreneurs.

The session had a quorum, with five members, delegates of the House of Peoples of the Parliament, attending. The session was attended by representatives of the Federal Ministry of Finance and a representative of the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry on behalf of the proponents of the proposal discussed by the Committee members.  

All the proposals discussed during the session were adopted and sent to the Parliament for further consideration. The most important issues discussed during yesterday’s session were the Proposal on amendments and supplements to the FBiH budget for 2014 and the Proposal law on domestic payments.

The Proposal on amendments and supplements to the FBiH budget for 2014 was a predictable and anticipated result of the the tranche received from the IMF. The Amending budget increases the amount of available funds in the FBiH budget by 4.5%, and provides help to cantons in the form of loans amounting to 40 million BAM. The Committee suggested that the House of Peoples demand promptness from the Government as well as a timely implementation of regulations adopted with the purpose of addressing the damage caused by the floods, a natural disaster, which affected the Federation of BiH.

The Committee sent to the Parliament’s the House of Peoples the Proposal law on domestic payments which proposes that all business entities perform all transactions through a unique account, all of which would be entered into a Registry kept by the Financial and Information Technology Agency (FIA). Members of the Committee believe that harmonising the Proposal with the regulations currently in force in RS is of the utmost importance.


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