4th Session of Committee on Economic and Developmental Policy, Finance and Budget of Parliamentary Assembly’s House of People of FBiH

The 4th Session of Committee on Economic and Developmental Policy, Finance and Budget of the Parliamentary Assembly’s House of People of BiH was held on Thursday, 26 November 2015. 

During the session, the Committee adopted the Budget Proposal of the Federation of BiH for 2016, as well as the Proposal of the Law on Performing the Budget of the Federation of BiH for 2016. The Budget Framework Document (DOB) of FBiH for 2016 – 2018 was acknowledged. 

During the discussion, the Committee members were presented with the FBiH Budget Proposal for 2016, the Law on Performing the Budget for 2016 and the Framework Budget Document (DOB) of FBiH for the period 2016 – 2018. 

There are Budget funds planned to decrease unemployment, although they are not presented in the Framework Budget Document 2016 – 2018. The Budget for 2016 will be increased for 185.4 million BAM in comparison to 2014. The current expenditure has decreased, and the indirect taxing has increased. In 2016, the emissions of long-term bonds of FBiH is planned along with the 3-year bonds in amount of 40 milion BAM and 360 million BAM of treasury records that will be delivered. The expenditures for the gross salaries were increased for 7 million, as well as the expenses for material and services that were increased for 6.1 million BAM. The court decisions in the labor dispute in amount of 34 million BAM are planned to be settled, which presents an increase of 6 million BAM in settlements.  

The total planned current transfers amount to 1,020,000,000 out of which the current transfer for the first employment is 50 million BAM, which is an increase of 30 million BAM in comparison to previous years. 8 million BAM was planned for capital transfers, out of which 3.1 million BAM was planned to rebuild the airports in Mostar and Tuzla. 

The obligations of the Canton in the context of valid court decisions relating to the labour dispute were also discussed, in which the accumulated debt in cantons is significant in comparison to the total cantonal budget. The principal for the court decisions in all 10 cantons is 215 million BAM, and the recommendation of the Federal Ministry of Finance is to begin payments, since the debt is constantly increasing due to interest rates, especially in the cantons that have not been paying these obligations so far.  



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