3rd Session of Committee on Economic and Developmental Policy, Finance and Budget of Parliamentary Assembly’s House of People of BiH

The 3rd Session of Committee on Economic and Developmental Policy, Finance and Budget of the Parliamentary Assembly’s House of People of BiH was held on Wednesday, 18 November 2015. The session was chaired by Committee President Muhamed Kozadra. 

At the 3rd session of the Committee, the Proposal of Law on Amendments of the Law on Determination of Public Income of FBiH was accepted and proposed for an urgent adoption. In accordance with the amendments, there will be a decrease in the coefficiet of the Sarajevo Canton from 2.00 to 1.9658. According to the present Law, the Canton determined a part of income for the municipalities and the City which is against the Constitution of FBiH and the other laws on local self-management. In accordance with the Decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH, the Proposal on amending the existing Law was supported. 

At the session of the Committee, the Draft of the Law on Developmental Planning and Managing Development in FBiH was also supported. The Draft was made with the support of the USAID and the UNDP and the Draft is in accordance with the EU directives. The accounting of health system funds in FBiH for 2013 and 2014 were also accepted. 

The Agenda items referring to the rebalance of the Financial Plan of the Health Insurance and Reinsurance Fund of FBiH, the solidarity fund and Reports on conducting financial plans for 2014 were accepted. The Committee also adopted several conclusions that relate to the proposal to all participants of the budgeting process, from planning, conducting and reporting, to respect the legal procedures and deadlines so as to prevent the Committee from retroactively adopting certain reports and other documents. 


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