1,714,000 BAM Allocated for Youth in 2015

A presentation on topic of Report on Performing the FBiH Budget for 2015 was held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. The presentation was held as a part of the USAID’s Strengthening Governmental Institutions and Processes (SGIP) Project, in partnership with the Institute. The presentation was attended by individual representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH, representatives of certain agencies in the Federation of BiH and civil society organizations and international organizations.   

As a part of the presentation, the Analysis of allocations of funds from the FBiH Budget for 2015 was presented and the representative of the Institute presented the FBiH Budget analysis from the aspect of youth. 

In accordance with the publicly available information in websites of resource ministries, a total of 1,714,000 BAM was allocated for youth in 2015, which is 0.07% of the total Budget of FBiH for 2015. For comparison, in 2014, there was 2,298,700 BAM allocated for youth in 2014, which in 2014 was around 0.10% of the FBiH Budget. The performance of funds intended for youth in 2014 was around 99%, while in 2015 the performance was around 90%.

Although there was nearly 20 million BAM planned in 2015 for the first employment and self-employment, which was partly reserved for youth, this transfer was not made, according to the information from the Report on performing the FBiH Budget in 2015.

During the presentation, challenges of youth and youth organizations were emphasized in the context of approach to public calls through which youth and youth organizations acquire funds for their projects or start their businesses. It was concluded that it is required to improve the availability of information about the youth programs, by including additional communication channels and informing, such as social networks, used actively by youth.

The most important conclusions of the Presentation are that it is necessary to provide applicants with equal knowledge on reasons for awarding and the reasons for rejecting the youth organizations projects so as to improve their project applications in the following years. Also, it was emphasized that it was necessary to coordinate the areas for applying with strategic decisions from the Youth Strategy of FBiH and expand the areas for which youth can purposefully apply or for which youth would be especially motivated to apply, such as the IT sector, agriculture, the wood industry, etc. 

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