16 Days of Activism Life Without Violence

Fourth High School in Ilidža hosted four workshops for primary and secondary school students in the municipality of Ilidža, which included a panel discussion Life Without Violence. Around 80 participants had an opportunity to learn about different forms of violence, with a particular emphasis on peer, gender-based and cyber violence. The workshop was followed by a panel discussion with citizens from the municipality of Ilidža. The two panelists were Nermina Vehabović-Rudež, psychologist and psychotherapist and Hamida Memišević, member of the Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, Petitions and Proposals of the Municipal Assembly of Ilidža.

“In less than two hours we learned about all the kinds of violence. We don’t get to hear about this topic much, and this made me realize how important it is to talk about it. Cyber violence was a particularly relevant topic for us, since we’re at an age where we’re constantly exposed to it”, said Rijalda Ragipović, student from the Fifth Primary School Ilidža.

In front of an audience of 100 citizens of Ilidža, Vehabović-Rudež talked about the importance of encouraging the entire community to recognize and report violence. “It’s important for professionals to be able to recognize violence – doctors, teachers or the police – and to react”, said Vehabović-Rudež, adding that the police must respond to all reports of violence, even if it’s means responding to the 50th call from the same family.

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During the introduction, Azra Jahić, Chairwoman of the Commission for the protection of Human Rights, Petitions and Suggestions of the Municipal Council of Ilidža presented the results of a survey conducted by this Commission. Results of the survey showed that 47% of people in the municipality of Ilidža believe that women should not have the same legal rights as men.

All the implemented activities are part of the Gender Action Plan of the Municipality Ilidža and the global campaign 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

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