Local Communities Show They Can Do Better! USAID and Institute Provide Support

Trebinje is now cleaner, thanks to the support of USAID and the Institute for Youth Development KULT, provided through the localworks initiative.

Božo Morić is a local activist, who wanted 60 new trash cans to be installed in his city. His action was called “For a Cleaner Trebinje”, and eight months after the trash cans were installed, he got his wish – Trebinje is cleaner and people are happier. In addition to citizens of Trebinje, this action was supported by public institutions, particularly the Utility Company, which took on the task of maintaining and emptying the trash cans.

I’m proud that the citizens of Trebinje are conscientious and aware of the need for actions like this that helped us keep trash off our streets. But I’m also proud as an activist because I managed to connect the local government, a public company and citizens to work for a common cause. We are very motivated to keep going, and we are now working on a bike trail in Trebinje”, said Božo Morić, the initiator of the local action “For a Cleaner Trebinje”.

The visit by USAID/Local Sustainability Office Director Mike Rossman, Arjun Tasker and USAID/Acting Mission Director Kent Larson illustrates the importance of these actions to the local community and the USAID.


In addition to this action in Trebinje, the USAID and the Institute supported an action focused on culture, that resulted in more than 70,000 books being adequately stored and protected. Milosava Supić-Vuković, Director of the City Library in Trebinje was worried about the future of the books in the largest and main library in East Herzegovina. Her energy and dedication to her job were recognized by the localworks initiative, whose fund provided 15,000 BAM for a complete renovation of the Library’s interior. Thanks to the renovation, now the Library’s youngest patrons have their own corner where they can read, and the Library has never looked better.

IMG 9088

“I am very grateful to USAID and the Institute for recognizing our institution as a partner and supported us in renovating the Library’s interior. It all happened very quickly and efficiently, and I still can’t believe we got such major support that started with a conversation with localworks representatives at the square in Trebinje, near the Library”, said Milosava, who was thrilled with the delegation’s visit to the National Library in Trebinje.

The delegation of the localworks team from Washington was visiting the region, and Bosnia and Herzegovina was their last stop before returning to the United States. They were very pleased with the results but noted that more investments and patience are necessary to allow local communities to recognize their own capacities and potential and join forces in solving problems faced by their community.

“We are very pleased to have visited Trebinje, and had an opportunity to meet the great team working at the National Library and the very inspiring activist Božo Morić. Thank you for your hospitality, and congratulations on the successful activities you conducted”, said Mike Rossman, USAID/Local Sustainability Office Director.

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