Youth Against Divisions

stolac muralTwo schools under one roof is a concept that entails two ethnic groups in the same building, physically separated from each other, and often with separate entrances into the building.

This phenomenon is troubling the youth of Stolac, who decided to express their opposition to these divisions by painting a mural on one such high school.

The initiative was launched by volunteers of the association “Orchid” who painted over nationalist graffiti and created a mural that sends a much better message.

The initiative of this association, which has been active for more than 10 years, was supported by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, who has spent the last 15 years working hard on improving the position of youth in BiH by advocating for better legislation and youth policies.

stolac mural2

By painting the mural, youth sent a clear message – enough with the divisions, because Stolac is a town that deserves to project a much better image.

The implementation of this activity was supported by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, as one of the local civil initiatives implemented across BiH.

A local civil initiative (LGI) is an activity undertaken by citizens and intended to improve the quality of life in their community and society. Citizens can take part in civic activities individually or as a group, with the goal of drawing attention to and solving concrete problems in their community.

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