The 'BRANA' Network presented its first Report on realization of funds intended for sanation of consequences of 2014 floods in BiH. The public was informed on the results of activities of 23 civil society organizations, representatives of which worked on determining the renovation funds expenditure after the floods that were acquired through in-field supervision and in cooperation with the BiH authorities and the donor community.

The 'BRANA' Network representatives managed to gather data and analyze over 380 million BAM of funds invested in renovation, which is an important step in achieving full transparency of the process of their expenditure.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, as a member of the 'BRANA' Network, acted through its work in 7 municipalities: Ilidža, Isto?na Ilidža, Breza, Vogoš?a, Visoko, Kakanj and Vareš, and we have contributed to the transparency in distribution of funds from both national and international donors.

The floods that affected Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 caused damages and losses in total amount of 3,972,892,075.55 BAM which is 15% of the total GDP of our country.

From previous research, it can be concluded that the transparency of governmental institutions is, in total and related to the renovation process after the floods, not at a satisfactory level. For only 54% of the total funds realized over governmental institutions, are we informed exactly where and how they were spent.



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