Do We Care About Human Rights in the Business Sector?

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In order to improve the respect for human rights in the business sector, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, with the financial support of the European Union and in cooperation with the Employers' Association of FBiH, launched an initiative to improve human rights in the BiH business sector.

Considering the fact that BiH is faced with a lack of respect for human rights in the business sector, - a problem compounded by the lack relevant statistical data on negative corporate impacts on human rights, the Institute is taking steps to contribute to improving this situation.

In order to assess the current situation and find ways to bring change, public consultations were held with business owners in multiple BiH cities. The consultations were also used to develop a questionnaire designed to examine the current situation when it comes to corporate responsibility for respecting human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The questionnaire is in electronic format, which makes it easily accessible, and takes only 10 minutes to complete.

The questionnaire is aimed at the business sector and businesses, to enable them to contribute to the implementation of the initiative by responding to the questions. All companies in BiH interested in supporting the initiative can contact us for more information by August 31, 2019, via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The aim of the initiative is to outline a standard policy with practical guidelines and present it to BiH companies. The initiative's activities will directly support and promote to the general public concrete programs for corporate volunteering. The initiative will help companies and civil society organizations in BiH to protect human rights, and will support an approach adapted to marginalized groups.

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