Youth Can and Should Lobby

Grupni rad II

During the fifth module, the 13th generation of the Learn, Think and Act! training learned about lobbying and public advocacy.

During the module, the participants learned about the types and levels of government, since the public advocacy process requires in-depth knowledge and respect for institutional competencies. The participants also learned about the basics of public advocacy and lobbying, and interactive activities helped them hone their advocacy and lobbying skills they can use for their upcoming LGI, and future initiative they may lead to improve their communities and the society.

Public advocacy skills as the foundation of civil activism are particularly important for young activists, and allow them to advocate and lobby for their own initiatives intended to improve the position of youth in the society. The group visited the Institute’s main office, met the employees and learned about the inner workings of the Institute.

Kafa sa Draskom Stanivukovicem

The participants were particularly inspired by “Coffee Time With… Draško Stanivuković”, member of the Assembly of the City of Banja Luka, who also advocates for finding the solutions to certain issues in his community. Draško’s speech was inspiring and he shared valuable advice, telling youth to be introspective and always look for ways they can contribute to the society.

During the last day of the module, the participants learned more about the public aspect of advocacy, how to shape their messages about advocacy initiatives and how to present them to the public.

The training was held at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA, for 25 young people across BiH.

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