Supporting Youth In Creating Equal Opportunities

Today, at the Institute for Youth Development KULT, organizations “Natura” from Istočna Ilidža and “Muzički atelje u BiH” signed grant agreements.

Youth organization “Natura” in cooperation with the Association of children and parents “Vratite nam osmijeh” and the High School Center Istočna Ilidža will be implementing activities that encourage cooperation among youth with disabilities and high school students.


The Association “Muzički atelje u BiH” will conduct trainings for youth and children on music and theater, aimed at overcoming prejudice prevalent in the society. The children and youth will share what they learned during the training by using different multimedia in order to encourage cultural progress of youth and the community in general. resizeimage 3

The Institute for Youth Development KULT occasionally supports organizations through an urgent fund for SCOs working on developing local communities through youth-focused activities.

More information about the urgent fund is available here.

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