UMiD Participants Accept Trash Challenge

eko akcija

Participants of the Institute’s training for young leaders joined the Trash Challenge and used the weekend to clean the area around the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA in Ilidža.

During the training on volunteering and civil activism, 20 young people from across BiH left the seminar room and went outside to clean green spaces. After 2 days of learning about the importance of participating in the society and volunteer work, it took less than an hour for this group of young people to clean a very popular outing spot in Ilidža. In doing so, they joined the popular Trash Challenge, intended to encourage citizens to get out and pick up trash, with before and after photos.

Elmin Susic

“The module volunteering and civil activism helped in many ways, and mostly because it encouraged me to be more active in my local community. The trainer’s experience and knowledge in this area will help me improve. Protecting the environment is important to me and all those who notice our work. So, this volunteer action that we did during this module raised awareness for many of us of the need to protect natural attractions. Finally, I’d say we should always be active and on the move, because if we’re passive we practically don’t exist”, Elmin Sušić (18), Bihać.

The module included a session of Coffee Time With… Samir Mahmić, coordinator of the Big Brother, Big Sister Network, who has been an activist for years.

UMiD participants are continuing with their training, and will meet again in SPAJALICA on April 11, to learn about local civil initiatives that they will implement in their cities during the training.

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