Who Can We Address Our Initiatives To?


Participants of the 14th generation of Learn, Think and Act! learned about making decisions and proposing initiatives during the segment of the training called Public advocacy and lobbying.

“I’m both happy and proud to be a part of a training such as UMiD. The second module, just like the first one, met all my expectations. This wouldn’t have been possible without the Institute’s great organisation skills and without other participants whose passion for change creates a positive energy that encourages us to support each other. Since we concluded that UMiD is a journey, we will now patiently wait to see what challenge the next module will bring.” - Mirza Mujdžić-Jojić.

umid14 dva

During the second module, the participants had a chance to talk to Admir Kapo, president of the Association “Buy and Use Quality BiH Products” who talked to the participants about the importance of buying BiH-made products.

The training Learn, Think and Act! is an officially recognised form of non-formal education which provides youth with an opportunity to develop different competencies that will help them be more competitive on the labour market. The program comprises seminars, practical exercises and voluntary work. UMiD is intended for youth under 30.

UMiD is a year-long training, that requires participants (youth leaders) to actively participate in implementing civil initiatives in their local communities.

Future youth leaders will meet again on march 21, 2019 at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA.

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