Youth for Youth – Creating Values for Future Generations through Practical Work

HadĹľi?i High School Center and High School of Architecture and Geodesy in Sarajevo students have spent the previous days working on paving the plateau in front of the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA in IlidĹľa.

The students performed the works as a part of the “Everyone to SPAJALICA” project that aims to provide high school students with practical classes and incite them to socially responsible youth activism.

“This meant a lot to me, since we do not have enough practical classes in school. I have learned a lot, met students from another school, but I am particularly pleased that we had the opportunity to do something useful for the society. The plateau that we paved will be used by children that attend the workshops of the Educational-Leisure Center SPAJALICA which is, with the practical work, my greatest personal benefit,” stated Samra Halvadžija, a student of the Hadži?i High School Center.

According to the latest research conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, a vast number of high school students, mostly from occupational schools, lack practical classes.

The information were the signal that we had to do something for youth, so we decided to initiate the “Everyone to SAPAJLICA” project. So we managed to gather 20 students of architectural schools in one place and provide them with the opportunity to gain experience in practical work. Considering the excellent results of this project, we hope that the other occupational schools will develop similar joint projects and thus increase the number of hours of practical classes in their study programs” – stated Vesna Filipovi?, the Manager of the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA.

Prior to commencing the practical classes, students attended workshops focusing on theory in which they worked on the topics that are not related to their occupation. Thus they learned the meaning of teamwork, how to peacefully resolve a conflict and how to work on strengthening their confidence.

The aim of “Everyone to SPAJALICA” project, initiated by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, is to provide additional practial experience to students of architectural schools, enable them additional training and incite them to engage in socially responsible youth activism. 

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