Young Community Leaders: Youth Building Bridges

Amina Bašić, a participant in the “Learn, Think and Act!” training, launched an initiative called “City of Youth,” which is now an inspiring story from Novi Travnik. Amina recognized that youth in Novi Travnik lack opportunities to socialize with peers, leading to invisible walls between different ethnic groups. So, Amina embarked on a mission to change this.

Determined to bring about positive change, she launched her initiative to address isolation and lack of contact between young people, and foster understanding and dialogue instead.

Amina created a dynamic environment where young voices came together, shared and learned from each other. One of the key activities of the initiative was “Peace Square” – a symbolic space where bridges are built and open communication is encouraged. It was also an opportunity to share stories, experiences and perspectives.

The initiative featured a film screening, allowing youth to socialize while enjoying a movie. Amina also organized and facilitated dialogues on identity, conflicts, and stereotypes, providing young people with a platform to share their thoughts and feelings, and enhancing their social and communication skills.

The initiatives “City of Youth” and “Peace Square” in Novi Travnik are a big step towards a future built on understanding, dialogue and friendship among young people. Young people in Novi Travnik clearly showed that they are eager to overcome differences and build bridges.

“For me, this local civil initiative was a source of inspiration and support in our fight for a better society and the participation of young people. Thanks to this initiative, I found the strength to actively engage in achieving positive change in my community. For my municipality, this was something completely new and a burst of energy that encouraged young people to participate in different activities that benefit the community”, said Amina.

This initiative is implemented in partnership with Youth Association Novo Sarajevo, with mentoring and financial support provided by the  Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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