Young Community Leaders: Why Is It Important to Educate Young People About Entrepreneurship?

In a time when young people face challenges in finding jobs and career development opportunities, Selma Hamedović, a participant in the “Learn, Think, and Act!” program from Ključ, decided to take the initiative to support the youth in her local community. Selma was inspired by data from the Youth Strategy of the Municipality of Ključ, which revealed that 43% of the surveyed youth are interested in starting their own business.

As part of the initiative, we organized two educational workshops where young people could learn the basics of starting a business, developing business plans, and ensuring business sustainability. These workshops also provided opportunities for participants to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss their business ideas.

A key element of the initiative is that young people starting their own businesses will have the support of experienced mentors to guide them through the challenges of entrepreneurship. This support is crucial for the successful development of young entrepreneurs, offering them guidance and assistance during the early stages of their business ventures.

“Young people are the future of our community, and I believe we need to provide them with support and motivation to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. The ‘Youth Business’ initiative is only the first step in that direction, and I hope that this idea will spread and motivate more young people to enter the world of entrepreneurship,” said Selma.

This initiative is implemented in partnership with the Youth Center Kosmos from Ključ, with mentoring and financial support provided by the  Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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