Young Community Leaders: Volunteer Group Promising a Surge of New Activists!

A series of impactful volunteer activities brought about significant changes in the local community of Doboj Jug, thanks to the initiative “Volunteering in the Municipality of Doboj South” launched by Sumeja Muratović, a participant in the Learn, Think, and Act training course. Activities such as educational workshops, humanitarian initiatives, the forming of a volunteer group, and engagement with children and seniors show the important contribution of just one young person to creating a youth-friendly community.

The cornerstone of these activities was the establishment of a volunteer group that gathered enthusiastic young people eager to help, advocate for, and contribute to the community.

Through a series of workshops, volunteers gained essential skills that empowered them to effectively make their community more youth-friendly. To raise awareness about the significance of humanitarian and voluntary work, Sumeja and the young members of the volunteer group launched social media activities, encouraging broader community participation in their initiative. They also placed donation boxes at key locations throughout the municipality of Doboj Jug to support underprivileged citizens.

Thanks to the successfully implemented activities, the volunteer group continued its work bolstered by the positive experience and support from the community. Encouraged by this success, Sumeja and the members of the volunteer group are planning to expand their activities. Their goal is to provide assistance and support where it is most needed and to improve the position of young people in the local community.

“For me, the local civil initiative is my first step towards revitalizing my own community in terms of youth involvement. It introduces new ideas to the young people who are involved in implementing the initiative with me and motivates them to keep up the good work after the end of the project. I firmly believe that the municipality of Doboj Jug will have many activists in the near future”, said Sumeja.

This initiative is implemented in partnership with Youth Association Doboj Jug, with mentoring and financial support provided by the  Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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