“You, Me and Pulling Strings”: Youth Fight Corruption with Play and Panel Discussion

Through the project “Say NO to Corruption in Sarajevo Canton,” the Institute for Youth Development KULT highlights the prevalence of corruption in our society and emphasizes the urgent need to combat it to build a more progressive and stable society. Creative young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina have taken a unique approach to addressing the pervasive issue of corruption in BiH. They organized an event titled “Corruption – the longest play in the history of BiH,” which drew significant interest from young participants interested in this topic. The event consisted of the play “You, Me and Pulling Strings” and the panel discussion “You and I vs. Pulling Strings.”

This play is part of the anti-corruption project implemented by the association Dignitet from Mostar. It is directed by Ivo Čarapina and features a cast of fantastic young actors. This play uses satire to present corruption as the longest-running show in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a cure for unemployment in a corrupt society.

The subsequent panel encouraged young people to proactively take a stand against corruption through conversation, sharing opinions, and information. The participants noted that we can fight corruption only if we have the courage to speak up and if the state and public institutions support and protect us. Panelists included the author of the play, Ivo Čarapina, actress Jasna Diklić, and Sarina Bakić, a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo.

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“This performance and our young audience are proof that art can also help in the fight against corruption. Unfortunately, I don’t think corruption will ever be completely eradicated. However, if we’re determined and as a society stop giving unnecessary bribes, we can definitely have less of it,” said actress Jasna Diklić.

Professor Sarina Bakić agreed, adding that education should also play a role in saying “No” to corruption.

The author of the play, Ivo Čarapina, shared his experience and struggle for success without resorting to corruption. He tried to motivate young people to pursue their goals, demonstrating that success is possible despite the opinions and assumptions of those who have accepted a corrupt society as the status quo.

Young people were enthusiastic about the performance and panel discussion. They had a great time and contributed by asking questions.

“I believe that events like this one are so important for young people, especially those who appreciate art. Our society can fight corruption in many ways; this event is a great example. Young people want a society that includes them and respects their rights, especially the right to employment, but they can’t achieve this alone; they need support,” said one of the participants.

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After the play and panel discussion, young people took part in a quiz about corruption.

The preliminary results of the analysis of the position and needs of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Institute for Youth Development KULT showed that more than 50% of young people want to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the most frequently cited reasons for emigration is corruption, a socially corrosive phenomenon that infiltrates all aspects of society and notably impacts young people. In the Institute’s survey, corruption ranks fourth among the most concerning issues for young people. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, corruption is widespread across all aspects of life and is particularly prevalent in employment. Almost 90 percent of young people believe that using bribes in exchange for a job in public administration is a common practice in BiH. As a crucial part of the fight against corruption, young people are eager to participate in solving this problem.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT would like to thank Cinema Igman Ilidža for providing the space and support for organizing this event. We thank the actors, panelists, and all the young people who participated in this initiative aimed at creating a better future for everyone.

This event is part of the Say NO to Corruption initiative in Sarajevo Canton, implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The Institute has been implementing this initiative since September 2021 in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office of Sarajevo Canton. The initiative, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, aims to raise public awareness about the harmful effects of corruption, examine citizens’ and young people’s views on the issue, and provide basic information on combating corruption.

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