Working Group Adopts Text of Youth Strategy of FBiH Draft

A meeting of the Working Group for Developing the Draft of the First Youth Strategy of FBiH was held on Tuesday, 18 August 2015, at the Government of BiH in Sarajevo. The meeting was organised by the Coordinator of the Working Group, Mr. Salki? Adis and the meeting was attended, besides the members of the Working Group, by  representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT who aid members in the process of developing a draft of the Youth Strategy. 
The members of the Working Group discussed the final version of the draft at the held meeting. 
Representatives of the Institute thanked the members of the Working Group for their efforts during the whole process of developing the draft of the Youth Strategy as well as on delivering information and material necessary for developing the draft. It was especially commended that the members of the Working Group established an excellent cooperation during the process of writing the draft.  

The Strategy is planned to include the following 7 areas: 

  • Work, employment and youth entrepreneurship
  • Youth education and training
  • Youth social care
  • Youth health care
  • Youth safety
  • Culture, arts and sports
  • Youth activism (participation, volunteerism and mobility)

At the end of the meeting, the draft of the Youth Strategy of FBiH and the Report on Activities of the Working Group were adopted. 
Adopting Youth Strategy, at all levels of the Federation, is conditioned by the Youth Law of FBiH, the development of which was initiated by the Institute for Youth Development KULT and which was adopted in June 2010. The process of developing Youth Strategy of FBiH is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Institute for Youth Development KULT was appointed to provide expert and advisory help in the process with a decision of the FBiH Government. 

Youth can also participate in developing the strategy by expressing their opinion HERE.


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