We Answer Your Questions About Youth Worker Training

The public call for the Expert Youth Work Associates training is open until 20 March, 2018, by 5 pm.

Expert Youth Work Associates (more commonly known as youth workers) are persons employed in youth centers, youth clubs, youth organizations, organizations working with youth or public institutions supporting the development of young people. Expert youth work associates support the professional, personal and educational development of a young person. By working with youth on different ideas and initiatives, youth workers are working on the develoment of their communities. 

More information is available HERE

Applications are filled out online: https://mladi.org/myURL/160201

Frequently asked questions:

Is delegating two persons per organization crucial for applying for the training? 

The evaluation commission of the Institute for Youth Development KULT will evaluate applications individually, regardless of whether two or more applicants come from the same organizations. It’s recommended that every applicant have a partner for the practical part of the training, but it is not crucial. 

I’m a senior in high school and by the time the first module starts I will have graduated high school. Can I apply?

The training is open to all BiH residents with a high school diploma, minumum, who work with youth in youth centers, youth clubs, youth organizations, NGOs, councelling centers and institutions implementing youth projects. 

You must have graduated high school at the time of applying. Still, if you think you will have your diploma by the time the training starts, please write so in the Notes section, and the commission will evaluate yourh application at their discretion. 

Can unemployed persons apply?

Applicants don’t have to be employed, you can be a volunteer at an organization or an institution. 

We’re starting our own youth organization, but we are not yet officially registered, our request is still being processed. Can we apply?

Of course, just make sure to make a note of your organization’s status in the application. 

Will the ideas for initiatives required in the application require funding?  

At this stage, the initiatives described in the application don’t have to have any type of support. What’s important is the candidate’s willingness to work, a good idea and solutions for youth. As noted in the application, this question is not taken into consideration during the selection process, and is purely informative. 

Where will the training be held?

The training will be held in Sarajevo.

What does ‘organization’s/institution’s support’ entail?

During the training you will be given practical work that you will have to do with youth, so it’s important that an organization/institution supports you in doing that. 


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