University Professors from Austria: Institute Educating Youth on Peace and Tolerance

Today, the Institute for Youth Development KULT welcomed ten professors who are part of the Global Citizenship Education program at the Alps Adriatic University in Klagenfurt, Austria. After we presented the Institute’s work, they openly shared their enthusiasm for the values we promote and the results we are proud of.

The Institute’s impressive work enriches our study trip and helps us understand Bosnia and Herzegovina better. We are particularly interested in the Institute’s approach to young people and youth participation,” said Werner Wintersteiner.

During their visit to the Institute, our guests were curious about how the Institute operates, the issues that motivate young people to participate and take action in society, and the issues that motivate young people to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina. They also wanted to know how many young people vote in elections and how interested they are in environmental protection and climate change.

Posjeta Institutu

The aim of this study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which included a visit to the Institute, is to explore the post-war situation in education for peace, transition, and successful reconciliation. They were particularly interested in learning about how our programs help young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how they impact the broader social context.

In addition to advocating for peace and a borderless world, this group of university professors is determined to investigate how politically divided countries maintain peace, security, and tolerance. They are interested in the results of tolerance and coexistence-focused NGO projects for youth, which are either integrated into compulsory education or provided in the form of informal education, and they are planning to conduct similar activities in BiH.

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