The “Youth Accelerator” Initiative Sparks Dialogue on Improving the Status of Youth in Novo Sarajevo

To empower young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and improve their understanding of the country’s youth laws, a dedicated group of youth workers organized a workshop for young people from the Novo Sarajevo municipality as part of their local civil initiative.

The workshop brought together young people from the Novo Sarajevo municipality and youth workers who organized this activity as part of the “Youth Accelerator” initiative, which is supported by the Institute with funds and mentoring. The workshop aimed to educate, engage, and encourage young people to actively participate in legislative processes that directly affect them, primarily in the municipality of Novo Sarajevo and at the national level. It also sought to familiarize them with the FBiH Law on Youth and the rights they have under this law. Through interactive sessions, workshop participants were encouraged to think about their rights and responsibilities as young citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Youth officers joined the workshop and discussed the opportunities available for young people in the municipality of Novo Sarajevo. They highlighted the importance of active youth participation in local decision-making processes and emphasized the role young individuals can play in shaping policies that affect them. They also presented successful initiatives and projects driven by youth involvement, highlighting how young people can create positive change for their peers. Including youth officers in the workshop provided an opportunity to explore ways to strengthen ties and cooperation between young people and decision-makers. It reinforced the idea that by working together, they can make significant strides toward creating a more inclusive and youth-friendly society.

The workshop in Novo Sarajevo will be followed by a hangout in Travnik on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. The hangout will focus on the current position of young people in the local community with respect to the FBiH Law on Youth. The hangout will be attended by local government representatives and young people.

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