Teachers and Support Staff Motivated to Improve Education System

This week, 22 teachers and support staff from secondary schools embarked on an adventure that is the Learn, Think and Act! for teachers and support staff in secondary schools. During the first module, the third generation to attend this training showed commitment and motivation to improve their skills so they can support their students in achieving better educational outcomes.

Learn, Think and Act! for teachers and support staff in secondary schools was designed in response to the need to help educators and support staff develop key skills for effective planning and implementation of experiential learning. Participants are taught innovative methods and techniques that will improve their interaction with students and increase the overall quality of the educational process.

One of the participants, Emir Ustavdić, economy teacher at the High School of Economics in Sarajevo, said: “During the first module, I made new acquaintances and friendships from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. This training featured top trainers and guests and and the workshops were so well-designed. This helps us educators design and deliver higher-quality lessons. I’m a member of the younger generation of teachers who already approach students using innovative techniques, and this module proved to us that we are on the right path. I am looking forward to upcoming modules and all the new knowledge and skills.“

During the three-day module, participants explored new strategies to enhance their work with students and learned how to apply innovative and creative teaching methods that are effective and relevant. The main focus was on creating a stimulating environment that would motivate students and prepare them for lifelong learning.

Darija Zečević-Paštar, an English teacher at the “Tin Ujević” Secondary School in Glamoč, shared her experience: “After completing the first training module, I can definitely say that applying for this training was the right move. It’s been so enriching meeting such knowledgeable and optimistic trainers and high school teachers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are so full of both enthusiasm and experience and they want to share it with others. I can’t wait to learn more and I’m looking forward to the next module!”

Recognizing the importance of the time children and young people spend in schools and the dedication of their teachers, this training emphasizes the crucial role teachers play in their students’ lives. Teachers are a key pillar in the system that strengthens young people, preparing them for active participation in social changes and helping them improve their status in society.

Edina Čomić, Bosnian language teacher at the 2. Gimnazija (2. High School) Mostar said: “It was an honor to be among 22 people eager to learn new skills so they can improve the education process and the schools they work in. We used these three days to learn, share experiences, work together and socialize as well. I hope that all 22 participants will take the positive energy from the training into their schools.”

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is looking forward to upcoming modules and supporting innovative ideas that this training is sure to generate. The Institute’s intention is to spark creativity and cooperation on finding ways to improve education and, by extension, the society as a whole.

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