Study Visit to Republic of Moldova

As a part of the study visit to Republic of Moldova, a regional round table on the topic Developing Youth Policy was held from 15 to 17 June. 

The regional round table was attended by representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova. 

Considering the topic, each of the listed countries delegated representatives from the governmental and non-governmental sector. BiH delegation consisted of representatives of the Committee for Coordinating Youth Issues in BiH, the Committee for Youth Issues of the Parliamentary Assembly’s HoR, Youth Council of Republika Srpska and the Institute for Youth Development KULT.  

Participants of the round table had the opportunity to present the experiences related to development and implementing youth policies. The presentations were held on four topics: 

     *Implementing youth policies in countries of Southeastern Europe and the new EU members (available experiences and challenges); 

      *Youth participance in decision-making processes at national and local level in the countries of South-Eastern Europe and the new EU members; 

      *Role of youth experts; Similarities and differences between Eastern and Middle Europe; 

      *Possibilities for developing youth services and obstacles they are facing in Central and Eastern Europe; 

Also, in order for participants to have the best possible insight in the youth sector of the Republic of Moldova, the study visit organisers – National Youth Resource Center – enabled the participants to visit the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Rebublic of Moldova and the Credo youth centre and Youth Regional Resource Centre in the Unghena District. 

The aim was to exchange experiences on grounds of implementing youth policies, strengthening youth development and involving youth in decision-making processes. 

The study visit to the Republic of Moldova was held as a part of Strengthening Youth Development project realised under the East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Programme (EE:PBBP), financed by the Open Society Fund of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the SOROS Foundation from Moldova. 


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