Social Entrepreneurship in BiH – Role of NGOs, Public Policies, Laws

“BiH CSO in Social Entrepreneurship – Public Policies, Laws, Practices” conference was held in Sarajevo in the organisation of the project for technical support to the civil society in BiH – TASCO BiH. The conference was organised as a response of TASCO BiH for the requirements of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All for the purpose of learning more about the concept, public policies and good practices on the subject of social entrepreneurship. 

During the conference, a study was presented, entitled “Law and Institutional Aspects of Social Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Overview and State in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, that will open the possibility to organise the civil society and representatives of liable institutions to provide their recommendations to improve the area.

“The conference served to fulfil some of the goals we had set related to understanding the concept of social entrepreneurship. We wish to present the findings of representatives of BiH organisations mustered during their study visit to Croatia, Slovenia, Austria related to legislative, the institutional framework and good practices regarding the sustainability of social firms” – emphasized Slavica Draškovi?, the resident advisor at TASCO project in BiH. She added that the goal of the conference was to present the activities in social entrepreneurship in these countries and the role of CSOs in the process as well as of the European organisation network that acts at the level of public policies in the area of social entrepreneurship. “TASCO BiH enables the civil society organisations in BiH concrete opportunities for dialogue with the governmental representatives on the subject of social entrepreneurship thus including the platform for developing recommendations for strengthening adequate surroundings for this segment of CSO activities that permanently and positively affects the society”, concluded Slavica Draškovi?, the resident advisor of the TASCO project in BiH.

“BiH CSO in Social Entrepreneurship – Public Policies, Laws, Practices” conference enabled to present the research of the legislative in the area of social entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to build recommendations for improving the legal framework as well as to explore the areas for which the CSOs may conduct advocacy activities for social entrepreneurship. The special goal of the conference is to, in accordance with the TASCO project mission, explore the requirements for networking CSOs among organisations that are active in certain thematic areas of social entrepreneurship, i.e. social entrepreneurship at BiH level, in the region and the EU. 


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