Six Youth Organizations in Teslić Receive 52,000 BAM for Projects

Today, the Teslić Municipality signed grant agreements with six youth organizations, providing them with a total of 52.000 BAM for their initiatives.

Areas targeted by the initiative include the youth sector and youth organizing, sports, free time and healthy lifestyles, culture, health, and social protection of young people, as well as education and employment. The organizations were selected after applying to the Municipality’s public call. The Municipality will soon announce a new call to award the remaining funds.

Teslić 2

The CEO of the Institute for Youth Development KULT Jasmin Bešić and the Mayor of Teslić Municipality Milan Miličević signed a partnership agreement on April 20, pledging 60,000 BAM for the projects of youth organizations in this municipality. These activities are part of the Capacity Building Works initiative, which is supported by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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