Second Module of JUPPO Project – Pedagogy of Experience and Environment I

As a part of the JUPPO Project – Expert Training and Structural Networking as Key Actors of Preventing Addiction in BiH, at Maršal Hotel in Bjelašnica the second module entitled Pedagogy of Experience and Environment I was held from 19 to 22 May 2015.  The trainers of the module were Beate Einetter from Klagenfurt and Ewald SpieĂźmayr-Bernardino from Ansfelden in Austria. 

Pedagogy of experience is based on the assumption that situations rich in content through which the individual or a group have to prove themselves, lead to changes in thinking, acting or feelings of people involved. These changes such as the readiness to take responsibility, increased self-respect due to a successfully mastered group task or an increased readiness to make a decision or act are not only desirable during the activity of pedagogy of experience, but aim to exist beyond it as well. In order for participants to integrate these changes into their daily lives, after each exercise, the experienced process is reflected in form of a transfer. Through Pedagogy of Experience basic skills are improved that are necessary for a person to live a healthy lifestyle and to resist the temptation of abusing psychoactive substances and tackling problematic behavior, such as taking over tasks that are challenging, resisting the group and the pressure of those who are stronger, getting to know oneself, one’s strengths and weaknesses, providing support and cooperating with other members of the group, seeking and accepting help from others if one’s own abilities are insufficient, making good decisions on one’s own or as a part of a group.

The Bear and the Penguin, Zap-Zap, Enter the Doorstep, Grab the Finger, Tower of Strength, Tricky Triangle, Twist the Bottle, Spider’s Web and various other activities filled the programme of the second module. The theory was presented through the content: gender questionnaire, ethnocentricity, cultural relativism, four levels of diversity, experimental learning, reflection and transfer in working with youth. 

 The project is being realised by the Association for Preventing Addiction NARKO-NO from Sarajevo.

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