Regular Exercise is Key to Healthy Development of Youth

This Saturday, SPAJALICA hosted DĹľemal Geki?, professional fitness trainer and initiator of the project “Sarajevo Fitness Bootcamp”, leader of the first fitness revolution – a massive weight loss project called “10,000 kg challenge”. 

DĹľemal Geki? told the youth who met him in SPAJALICA about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, recreation, exercise, as well as supplements some youth use, mostly while in high school, to look better and lead a healthier life.

Youth should put a lot of thought into what they eat and how active they are. They need to think about their body because of their future. Food is an essential part of the development process, and proper and regular nutrition combined with training yields positive results. Youth need to step away from computers and sitting too much. They should engage in some sort of physical activity three to four times a week for 20 or 30 minutes, which won’t take a lot of time but will help them immensely in their development, said Džemal Geki?.

Thanks to DĹľemal Geki? and his project “10,000 kg challenge” which helped the citizens of BiH to lose 11,173 kg in two months, making them healthier, happier and stronger. 

Nowadays, youth can exercise in the their own home. All they need is internet access so they could watch YouTube videos of exercise routines uploaded daily. In addition to exercising they need to eat natural food. When I say natural, I mean food that was picked, caught or dug from the ground. Physical activity is essential and nutrition is a necessary supplement; only in conjunction will those two help you achieve positive results and ensure a healthy future, said Geki?. 


Youth at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth learned how to exercise and what it means to eat well. For those who couldn’t join us this Saturday but are interested in the work of our guest DĹľemal Geki?, can simply download his free loss weight guide.


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