PUBLIC CALL for Training of Youth Officers in FBiH

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, is issuing a public call for municipal, city and cantonal youth officers from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to apply for participation at the certified training for youth officers in accordance with the Policy and Procedures of Training and Certifying Youth Officers. 

Training youth officers aims to equip the attendants for independent performing of tasks of youth officers by acquiring certificates on knowledge about the youth policy and working with youth, and for the persons who exercise or will exercise the function and tasks of youth officers in the civil service to be professionally trained in working with youth with expert competences and certificates required to exercise the position in a civil service body.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is conducting training programs for youth officers and certifying expert associates on youth work in urban, municipal and cantonal governmental bodies.

Youth officers are obliged to constantly work on professional training and improvement. The person who is not in possession of a certificate and is employed in civil service and fulfills the function and tasks of a youth officer in the Federation of BiH is obliged to, in no more than two years, pass the training for a youth officer and acquire a corresponding certificate.

A youth officer is a civil official who is professionally trained in working with youth and is in possession of a certificate on knowledge on youth policy and youth work. (Youth Law of the Federation of BiH)

Although the position of a youth officer is a significant segment of youth policy, according to the data available to the Institute, all municipalities in BiH do not have a youth officer. 59% of local self-governments in the Federation of BiH and 68% of local self-governments in Republika Srpska have an official that works on youth issues.

With this certificate, the persons who are not yet employed in civil service have the opportunity to apply for the working position of a youth officer by fulfilling the conditions of civil service agencies.

Youth officers in local, urban and cantonal management bodies are registered in the online base of youth officers. The state bodies of the management are obliged to strengthen the capacities of all those who focus on youth work and youth activities. A youth officer functions as a mediator between the government organs and youth and ensures an adequate support to youth which is visually presented in the video about the role of youth officers.

The following Public Call for Training and Certifying Youth Officers will be open until March 16, 2016. More information about the call and the training are available on the following link

The text of the public call can be downloaded here.

The application form can be downloaded here.


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