New Space for Youth in Bistrica

LGI Bistrica 1

Youth from Bistrica, in the municipality of Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje, finally have their own space. A group of young enthusiasts from the Citizens’ Association Bistrica, with the help of their local community provided youth with their own space in the local elementary school, offering them a place to socialize, hold workshops, lectures and seminars.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT took part in this initiative, as another effort to improve the position of youth in BiH.

This activity is all the more important if we consider the fact that youth in BiH are not satisfied with their options, especially in terms of ways to spend their free time, which is particularly noticeable in smaller communities and rural areas.

LGI Bistrica2

This space provides youth with the content they need for progress and development. They will have access to free internet, a space where they can study, and they can use the gym free-of-charge.

The incredible energy of these young people and their perseverance show that hard work and drive do pay off, and are recognized by the locals, the local administration and donors who helped them of their own accord.

The Institute supported this initiative as a part of the implementation of Local Civil Initiatives across BiH.

A local civil initiative (LGI) is an activity undertaken by citizens and intended to improve the quality of life in their community and society. Citizens can take part in civic activities individually or as a group, with the goal of drawing attention to and solving concrete problems in their community.

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