Adults Learn Too

The “Learn, Think and Act!” training held its second module. Participants had the opportunity to apply various strategies and methods that encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

Learn, Think and Act! for Adults is a non-formal education training intended for adults who work directly with children and youth in formal education. This training program was designed to support secondary school teaching staff in developing competencies necessary for successful planning and implementation of the learning process, teaching based on experiential learning, using efficient and relevant teaching methods and strategies, and creating a safe and stimulating environment where students will feel supported and motivated and ready to engage in lifelong learning. 

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The Institute and its partners are holding a seven-day training (56 hours). This training was intended to support persons working with youth and improve their skills and knowledge for developing youth work and youth in BiH. In addition to the training, the participants will engage in practical work in their community.

This module teaches participants how to use various techniques in class to help youth understand the content in context, and to develop a sense of responsibility in terms of learning, including new skills and knowledge. 

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During this module, the participants learned to ask good questions, learned about cooperative learning and teaching, and their responsibility towards peers in the learning process.

The exercises were intended to improve their reasoning processes, and their communication with students and parents. 


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