New Regional Exchange Program ROUTE WB6 Available to Youth in BiH

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The Institute for Youth Development KULT and the RYCO Regional Youth Cooperation Office launched the first regional exchange program aimed exclusively at young people in the Western Balkans - ROUTE WB6.

The regional exchange program was created within the ROUTE WB6 project which, in addition to establishing programs and providing new opportunities for young people, will advocate for the improvement of volunteer policies, and the quality of volunteering in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

In order to protect volunteers from any kind of abuse, the partners developed a Code of Ethics - a document that defines the values and principles the program is based on, along with the minimum standards that volunteering organizers and volunteers must meet to ensure responsible and high-quality volunteering that will positively impact everyone involved.

The program will use cross-border volunteering as a mechanism for overcoming social and ethnic barriers among young people in the region, and strengthening European social values that foster reconciliation, stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans.

The Institute is part of a consortium led by the RYCO Regional Youth Cooperation Office in cooperation with organizations from the Western Balkans. The Institute contributed our years of experience with developing legislation on volunteering and actively participated in designing and setting up this program.

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