80 Initiatives Soon to Contribute to Peacebuilding in BiH

grantovi ilustracija

USAID’s peace project, PRO-Future, awarded 80 grants, providing over 400,000 BAM for the implementation of activities promoting peacebuilding. Grantees are municipalities and cities, churches and religious communities, NGOs, informal youth groups and associations of war victims from more than 40 local communities in BiH.

Every year, PRO-Future awards grants for activities designed to build trust, promote inter-religious dialogue and contribute to the reconciliation of all the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the goal of this project funded by the United States Agency for International Development and implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with partners in more than 75 local communities.

The small grants program is implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT and CRS.

During the implementation of this year’s projects, PRO-Future activities will be held in schools, kindergartens, theaters, movie theaters and sports fields, connecting neighboring municipalities and promoting tourism and our country’s heritage.

“Small grants are the perfect encapsulation of PRO-Future’s ideals of friendship, community and solidarity. Thanks to the inventiveness and creativity flourishing in our communities, we will spend this year promoting these ideals through ecology, poetry, music, sports, crafts, clean-up activities, and in many other ways”, said Nera Haljevac, Small Grants Program Coordinator.

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