Human rights have to be placed in the centre of youth work. And it was precisely human rights protection and communication, that were the topic of the second module of Associate Experts on Youth Work Training. 26 training attendants from all over BiH discussed changing the notion and definition of human rights through history in the first part of the second module. They foused on youth issues, when and how youth breach human rights and situations in which their own rights are being breached. The attendants discussed their own stereotypes and prejudice as well as those they encounter when working with youth. 

IMG 6364

The second part of the training was dedicated to communication. Teamwork, basics of communicating within the team, communication channels and how good communication creates a good image of an organisation are only some of the topics the attendants discussed and learned about. Particular focus was placed on communicating with the media and using the media in youth work, especially the new media and social networks. Creativity, manners of presenting information and oral and written communication with the public were some of the topics that the future Associate Experts focused on. The Trainer paid close attention to online youth activism as well and developing info-charts as a manner of presenting activities. 

IMG 6816

In the framework of the second module, a Coffee Time with... session was held at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA with Mladen Obrenovi?, a journalist from Al Jazeera portal, who discussed communicating with the media with the attendants, as well as how to introduce youth work to the media and "be interesting". Mladen Obrenovi? held a presentation on cooperating with the local media, but also talked about the manners of establishing cooperation with public services and big media corporations. 

The next module of the training is scheduled for mid-October 2015. It will focus on the topic of social competences in youth work and organisational skills in youth work. 

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IMG 6907

IMG 6236


One of the manners of achieving quality youth work in Bosnia and Herzegovina is to introduce concrete examples and practices in other countries. This is precisely why the Institute for Youth Development KULT organised a study visit to the Kingdom of Sweden in the period from 7 to 10 September of this year as a part of the Strengthening Youth Structures Project.

The aim of the visit was to exchange experiences, knowledge and expertise through networking and introducing methods, manners and practice of youth work in Sweden. As a part of the study visit, the team from Bosnia and Herzegovina held meetings with Swedish organisations that implement decisions on working with youth on-field. All for the purpose of introducing new manners of communication between the authorities and youth.

During the stay in the Kingdom of Sweden, a visit was organised to the Ministry of Education and Research of the state responsible for education, research and youth policy. The team from our country visited organisations VĂĄra Barn and APU Network, Active Europe, the biggest youth centre in the world Fryshuset and the LSU - Sveriges ungdomsorganisationer, as well as the Olof Palme International Center.

The study visit will contribute to a better understanding of a different approach to youth in a country that considers youth as a valuable resource and therefore works on prevention and enables youth to achieve their ideas and aims.






Elma ?utura from Ilijaš is one of 26 people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina selected to pass the Associate Experts on Youth Work Training conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. Elma ?utura works at the "Seize the Day - Carpe Diem" Youth Organisation and states that she believes that the Training will certainly by useful for her further work. "I come from Ilijaš, where youth are very pessimistic and in need of help. They require advice, direction, i.e. a driving force. That is precisely why I believe that this Training will significantly help me, my organisation and our local community." 

IMG 5382

Throughout this week, youth will, with lecturers, Katarina Vu?kovi? and Amila Dedi? of the Institute for Youth Development KULT learn, among other things, about the mechanisms of working with youth and investigating youth problems and issues. For some participants, this segment of Training is precisely the most important one. "I already see that this Training is very thorough and detailed and I like that. I come from the Lara Foundation in Bijeljina. I work with children aged 12-15 and I think that, in their particular case, I will have many opportunities to apply the knowledge that I acquire here" - says Dragana Petri? from Bijeljina. 

This Associate Experts on Youth Work Training is the second in a row organised by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The aim is to create a cadre that will be able to work professionaly with this neglected population, since the society does not pay enough attention to youth. During the Training, the attendants will be familiarised, first and foremost, with legal solutions that regulate this area, but also with the basic requirements that every community needs to fulfil in order to prove that it cares for the youth. "Problems of youth in local communities are truly extensive. Still, they can be solved and we are here to show the attendants of the Training how. The first generation of associate experts on youth work is behind us and was a success. It up to us to now to provide the second generation with basic knowledge and skills  they can implement in their local communities. Of 143 applications we received from all over BiH, we selected 26 attendants and we are convinced that they will all be successful" - emphasized Katarina Vu?kovi? from the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

IMG 5415

IMG 5391


In Ljubija, a small place nearby Prijedor, time stopped, according to the locals. This place used to be a mining town, and today living is difficult for both the young and the old. Youth from Ljubija and the area gather at Ljubija Youth Centre, and its staff tries to provide them with the best quality activities, education and entertainment. Maja Gara?a, the member of the organisation, successfully completed the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work in order to understand better and to respond efficiently on requirements of youth. She says that now, besides with younger children, she also works with older visitors of the centre. "The training helped me a lot. It changed my manner of thinking about volunteering and activism. We often organise volunteering and activism workshops to introduce youth to projects. Basically, we wish to persuade them that if they are willing, they are also able to do something" - says Maja. She adds that during the training she learned more about the legislature in the area of youth work and acknowledged the importance of knowing the Law on Youth, the Law on Volunteering and the Law on Youth Organising. Her colleagues as well noticed the difference in her work after she completed the training. Branko Bilbija, a volunteer at the Ljubija Youth Centre, emphasized that Maja is much more open in working with youth, and that she sets the boundary between authority and a friendly approach much more easily.     


Just  as Maja Gara?a, the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work was successfully completed by Rina KneĹľevi? of the Association Bridge from Gradiška. Rina emphasizes that the training helped her in improving her communication in working with youth and that her view on the activities of the organisation changed. "The training helped me to understand that working with youth is the right job for me. Having successfully completed the training, I also attended numerous conferences. I plan to continue with self-improvement in the area of youth work" - emphasizes Rina.  

Institute for Youth Development KULT lobbied for the recognition of associate expert on youth work as an occupation in 2014 and pursuant to a decision of the Agency for Statistics of BiH, associate expert on youth work was entered into the work position classification under the code 3412. Youth work is a planned programme of non-formal education designed to provide support to youth in the process of becoming independent adults and active members of society in which they live with the help of a youth worker.

The training has been completed by 25 attendants from 13 centres and youth associations operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and soon the second Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work will be held.



After issuing a Public Call for Associate Experts on Youth Work Training, that was open from 1 to 20 July 2015, the Institute for Youth Development KULT received 143 applications from all over the country. Having reviewed all the applications, a Commission for selecting attendants of the Associate Experts on Youth Work Training made a Decision on youth centres/organisations/associations selected to participate in the Training.

The list of youth centres/organisations/associations is available below:

1.       Youth Centre CARPE DIEM, Municipality of Ilijaš

2.       Youth Humanitarian Association ?isto srce (Pure Heart) Prijedor

3.       Unique Youth Organisation JOM, Municipality of Tešanj

4.        Youth Organisation "Sixth Sense" Doboj

5.       Foundation "Lara", Bijeljina

6.        DIJAKOM, Prijedor

7.        Youth Council of Novo Sarajevo Municipality, Municipality of Novo Sarajevo

8.        Democratic Youth Organisation, Velika Kladuša

9.        Ku?a solidarnosti Gornja Lipnica (House of Solidarity Gornja Lipnica), Municipality of Tuzla

10.     Youth Council of the City of Mostar, Mostar

11.       Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (YIHR BiH), Sarajevo


12.      Local Democracy Embassy, Zavidovi?i

13.      PRONI – Centre for Sustainable Development, Br?ko District BiH

14.      Youth Council of IlidĹľa Municipality, Municipality of IlidĹľa

15.      Association Amica Tuzlanska, Tuzla

16.      SOS Kinderdorf BiH

17.      Youth Association Nautilus, Sarajevo


Today Semir TaskeredĹľi? from Zenica is a successful young entrepreneur and youth worker in this BiH town. Semir is just one of 25 youth who completed the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

IMG 4689

The Training, which focuses on youth work, is a planned programme of non-formal education created to provide support to youth in the process of becoming independent adults through youth workers who aid them in their personal and social development in order to become active individuals of the society in which they live. Semir says that it has been a lot easier for him since he completed the Training and became a youth worker. "I have become more concrete when working with youth. I know how to approach them and to interest and motivate them" - says Semir TaskeredĹľi? of the REaktiv Youth Association from Zenica. He also states that the knowledge he gained through the training helped him in becoming more aware of youth problems and in setting specific targets in order to solve them. "The Training helped me realise what youth require, so that we could truly help them. As an organisation, we work hard and advocate at the local community level and we discovered that lack of awareness the greatest problem the youth have. Now it will be easier to work with them" - he adds. Another example of how the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work is useful is Mirha Krivi? from Tuzla Community Foundation. After completing the training, Mirha became the coordinator of a youth area in Tuzla. "I made it" - says Mirha. She adds that she spoke to governmental representatives and youth in the process. "I believe that we have made great progress. Until now, Tuzla did not have an area for youth. The area exists now and will be available to all for free" - emphasizes Mirha Krivi? from Tuzla Community Foundation. 

Institute for Youth Development KULT issued another public call for Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work (Youth Workers). The Training will last for 20 days (160 hours), and the goal is to support individuals who work with youth and to improve their skills and knowledge to develop youth work in BiH. 

The occupation of Associate Expert on Youth Work was entered into the work position classification under the code 3412 by the decision of the Agency for Statistics of BiH last year. 

Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work is conducted as a part of the project "Recognition of UMiD as a Training Course for Active Participation of Youth 2" that is being implemented in 2015 by the Institute for Youth Development KULT with the support of the Olof Palme International Centre. 

You can apply for the Training online HERE.

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