The Youth Council of Livno Municipality has conducted the following activities:

- a survey research on the problems, needs and position of young people in Livno Municipality was conducted from June until August 2012,

- a book and trade fair was organised for students on 1 and 2 September 2012 in front of Fra Lovro Karaula school,

- the representatives of the Youth Council visited Mr. Luka ?elan, Mayor of Livno Municipality, on 3 September. During the meeting, it was stated that the Youth Council is developing the Strategy in collaboration with Livno Municipality,


The first Training Module Strengthening Youth Councils is scheduled to take place at the Centre for Youth and Community Development Perpetuum Mobile, from 18 until 21 October 2012, in Banja Luka.

The topics to be covered are as follows:

- The role of youth councils in BiH

- Youth council networking

- Cooperation with the authorities.

The Training Module will be attended by the representatives of youth councils from BiH.


The Public Call launched as an invitation for taking part in the training course Building the capacities of youth councils closed on 15 September 2012. The Institute for Youth Development KULT has selected 22 Youth Councils in accordance with the criteria of the Public Call. The goal of the training course designed according to the "learning by doing" principle is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that the participants will be able to directly use upon participating in the activities conducted by the Youth Councils. These comprise development of networking skills, youth councils efficient management, organisational skills development (organisational and financial management), as well as public advocacy and media relations.

The list of selected Youth Councils can be downloaded here.


The Founding Assembly of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Grada?ac was held on 19 September 2012. The Youth Council incorporates three associations: SPEED Grada?ac, MOTIV Grada?ac and Association KULT Grada?ac.

In accordance with the agenda, the Statute of the Youth Council was passed and the representatives of the managing body were elected: the President of the Youth Council Mr. Mirel Bijedi? and the President of the Assembly Mr. Mahir Bri?i?.


The Founding Assembly of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo was held on 20 September 2012. The Youth Council consists of three associations: Association Slobodne omladine, Youth Association Youth prosperity, Charity Organisation Altius and PRAGMA.

The governing bodies of the Youth Council were elected at the Founding Assembly in accordance with the principles of democratic voting: the President of the Assembly Sabina HadĹľihalilovi?, the Presidents of the Supervisory Board and the Managing Board Armin KarahodĹľi? and Amir Hastor. Ĺ eherzada Halimi? was elected the President of the Youth Council.

Representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the representatives of Novi Grad Municipality (the Department of Local Integrated Development) have supported the establishment of the Youth Council and they expressed their hope that the Youth Council would contribute to active engagement of young people in the local community development.


The Youth Council of the Municipality of Stari grad has developed a Declaration on improving the position of young people in the Municipality for the period from 2012 to 2016. The Declaration presents common interests of young people from Stari grad Sarajevo and it has resulted from the analysis of the municipal budget, interviews conducted with a large number of young people from this Municipality and the experiences gained by young activists from the civil sector. A request for signing the Declaration has been sent to all political parties that are running for the Municipal Council or the Municipal Mayor candidacy thus they are going to make a promise that they will be striving towards meeting the 20 requirements contained in the Declaration, in the upcoming mandate period. The signing of the Declaration took place on 4 September 2012 at the premises of the Municipality.