New Opportunity for Youth Organizations

A Public Call for delivering local civic initiatives proposals will be published soon. The Call is intended exclusively for youth organizations that were established and are working in accordance with the Youth Law, or the Law on Youth Organizing of RS.

A local civic initiative is an action or activity of citizens directed towards improving the state in the local community and the society in which they live. The civic activities can involve individual citizens or groups, and all for the purpose of indicating to the concrete issues and problem-solving in their residential community.

The youth organizations will be awarded with funds for project realization that will contribute to development of the local community and the Public Call will provide the opportunity for filing applications in several different areas.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT supported over 2,000 youth in BiH in their initiatives. In the last 6 years, the Institute has awarded over 2,000,000 BAM through grants to non-governmental, mostly youth, organizations. It is the evidence of social awareness and readiness of youth to be the instigators of positive changes in their communities.

The Public Call will be published on the website:




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