preduzetnicki fond za mladeThe Institute for Youth Development KULT is inviting all local units of self-government to apply to the public call for Supporting youth in developing businesses, within the Entrepreneurial Fund for Youth

By applying to the public call, local units of self-government and expressing interest in participating in the implementation of a program for supporting the development of micro, small and medium-sized businesses owned by youth, in their local communities. The Institute and the local unit of self-government will join funds to form the Entrepreneurial Fund for Youth.

The public call can be accessed here.

Applications are submitted exclusively via the form available here.

Applicants are requested to submit their applications by June 8, 2018 at the latest (last acceptable date on the postal stamp) via mail or in person to: Institut za razvoj mladih KULT, Ul. 4. viteške brigade 34-36, 71210 Ilidža (the envelope must include the following: 17.01.0-N2.1-643 Prijava na javni poziv – Ne otvarati prije zvaničnog otvaranja prijava).

Please direct all questions about the public call exclusively to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (subject: 17.01.0-N2.1-643, Upit).

Applications that are not submitted in the requested form will not be taken into consideration. 

Applications submitted after the deadline, or in inadequate forms will not be taken into consideration. 

The Institute will notify all the applicants about the results in writing.

The first module of the 13th “Learn, Think and Act!” training focused on team work and leadership.

The first module was held from February 16 to February 18, 2018 at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA and the participants were 25 youth from various parts of BiH.

The participants took part in “Coffee time with… members of the football club Željezni?ar”. The guests, Omer Joldi?, trainer of the junior team and Haris Topalovi?, Secretary of the junior team.

IMG 7664

Haris Topalovi? was part of the first UMiD generation, so the participants could also learn about the importance of the UMiD training for his personal and professional life.

IMG 7655

IMG 7596

This module marks the beginning of a 10-month journey during with these young people will learn about civil activism and volunteering, youth policy and public advocacy. They will also learn about communication and human rights, while they work on self-empowerment and conflict resolution.

The training UMiD – “Learn, Think and Act!” is an officially recognized form of non-formal education that provides youth with competencies that will help them be competitive on the labour market. The program includes seminars, practical exercises and volunteer work. UMiD is intended for young people under 30.


The Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Embassy of Sweden to Bosnia and Herzegovina will be implementing a 3-year Program for Empowerment, Employment and Social and Political Activism of Youth in BiH. 

The agreement on implementing the program was signed on October 13, 2017 at the Institute, by Marie Bergström, Counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden to BiH and Jasmin Beši?, Executive Director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

The program will reach more than 5000 young people from across BiH, helping them become active citizens. During this 3-year program, youth will be provided with various trainings and activities that will teach them how to solve problems and encourage their peers in local communities to join them in those efforts. They will learn about being politically active and present youth problems to decision-makers, and how to launch and implement initiatives important for their local communities. 

svedska 1

Trainings and civil initiatives will teach more than 200 youth leaders to cooperate with the authorities and the business sector, so that they can work together on creating an enviroment that will make youth want to stay in BiH, particulalrly in smaller communities. 

The program will also provide 40 young people with funds to start their own small business and try their hand at entrepreneurship. Funds will be awarded to implementing small local initiatives which will allow youth to actively participate in solving problems concerning ecology, lack of space where youth can spend their time in a meaningful way, and other problems they may have in their local communities. 


The program will be implemented across BiH and will involve close cooperation with representatives of the executive and legislative branch to improve the implementation of youth laws and ensure that youth are a top priority in domestic politics. Special emphasis will be places on cooperating with youth officers and helping them network with youth. 

The program will promote the advantages of active youth participation in social and political life, and show them that they can take responsibility for solving their problems. Focus will also be on gender equality, religious and ethnic tolerance. 

The program will be implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT over the next 36 months, with the financial support of the Embassy of Sweden to BiH.