Swedish Youth Spend Time with Attendants of The School of Friendship

Youth from Sweden who travel the world and fundraise for different youth activities visited the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPALJALICA in IlidĹľa on Saturday, July 23, 2016.

This year, Kaj and Jelena, two youths who pursue charity work have decided to donate the funds to improve the working conditions of The School of Friendship organized at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA. The donation will be used to renovate one of the rooms at the Center, so that the children who attend The School of Friendship would have better working conditions. The room is planned to be laminated and equipped with necessary materials.

jelena i kaj 1

“I am happy to have met the children from The School of Friendship and that there is someone organizing activities for them. It is important for the children to have an area in which they can meet, learn and overcome their differences” – stated Jelena during the visit.

The School of Friendship is attended by first-to-fourth grade elementary school students, and the expert team of SPAJALICA aids them in learning, doing their homework and enables them to spend time with their peers. Once a month, the children attend cultural and educational fieldtrips or visits to museums and other institutions of cultural and historical significance. 

jelena i kaj 2

jelena i kaj 3


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