Presentation of Business Barometer


The Foreign Investors Council of BiH (VSI) held a presentation of the 2nd edition of the publication “Business Barometer” at City Hall, thus marking 12 years of active work on improving the business climate and environment in BiH.

The “Business Barometer» comprises results of survey conducted among members of the Council (the biggest foreign investors and many domestic companies), i.e. an overview of statistical data on the (dis)satisfaction with the business environment and condition in BiH, the obstacles and risks faced by business owners, the advantages and reasons for investing in BiH and their plans for reinvesting and generating jobs in BiH. The results will be used to improve the business environment, regulatory framework and administrative efficiency, and the position of domestic and foreign investors. The Council noted that they expect the results of the survey presented in this publications to be used as the groundwork and guidelines for making future decisions and economic policies, including tax and contribution policies, improving the rule of law, and encouraging investments in BiH, by current and potential investors.

On the occasion of their anniversary, the Council decided to donate 12,000 BAM, i.e. 4000 BAM each to the following associations: “Heart for Children with Cancer in FBiH” and “Iskra” Banja Luka (Association of parents of children with malignant illnesses) and 4,000 BAM for the purchase of 20 Mbot robots for elementary schools in BiH.

The event was attended by a representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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