“Professional Education and Labor Market” Forum: Coordinate Education in BiH with Labor Market Requirements

The “Professional Education and Labor Market” forum organized by the British Council BiH, gathered representatives of high vocational schools, eminent employers from the real sector and guests from England that shared their stories and experiences with the attendants. The aim of the forum was to establish a connection between the educational system, particularly vocational schools and the real requirements of the labor market. The only manner to satisfy the requirements of the real sector for the deficit cadre and to decrease costs of training, improvement and development of necessary cadres is to establish a direct contact between the employers searching for a specific cadre and the profile of employees with schools that should be producing and training such cadres.

Representatives of the real sector, i.e. representatives of companies such as the ASA Auto, Preventa, Inside E?o and Alma Ras, presented their strategic plans for training the necessary cadre and youth employment. A problem was detected that reflects in prejudice youth have about certain occupations that are required and necessary in the economic sector. Positive stories such as employing of 300 people in one year for the requirements of Alma Ras company or the cooperation between the High School Center HadĹľi?i and the Inside E?o company are only some of the examples of how many things can be accomplished if the education sector follows the trends of the real sector. Also, an accent was placed on non-formal education that presented itself as the imperative of today and that develops certain skills in youth that the formal educational system cannot. It was also concluded that a great problem is the lack of practical knowledge and classes. The guests from England who also moderated the forum also spoke of this.

Vesna Filipovi?, the representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, participated in the activities of the forum and she presented the work of Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA, founded by the Institute. She discussed non-formal education that is in the focus of SPAJALICA and trainings of the Institute aiming to improve youth for future employment in different sectors.

The conclusions of the Forum will be subsequently published, but what the participants have so far been able to conclude was that one of the manners of decreasing unemployment and youth leaving BiH was a better and more concrete cooperation of the real sector and vocational schools and the whole educational system. Our country has exceptional talents and youth willing to work, but they need encouragement, actual information, a realistic image on labor market and quality education, formal and non-formal that would instantly equip them for market requirements.


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