Municipality of Hadžići Adopts Draft Youth Strategy Showing Commitment to Addressing Youth Issues

The Hadžići Municipal Council unanimously adopted the Draft Youth Strategy of the Hadžići Municipality with an action plan for 2024-2028. This strategic document recognizes the needs of young people and proposes programs and measures that will help them improve their status in this local community. By adopting the Draft, the Municipality of Hadžići joined the ranks of local governments that show their commitment and care for young people.

The Draft Youth Strategy is the outcome of collaboration between the Institute for Youth Development KULT, the Municipality of Hadžići, the Municipal Mayor’s Office, the coordinating body, and working groups. Each stakeholder contributed expertise in various areas throughout the process of developing the youth strategy.

The basis for the development of the Youth Strategy was the survey and the subsequent analysis of the position and needs of the Youth of Hadžići Municipality. The Analysis has been published and is available to the public.

The new programs outlined in the Strategy will improve conditions in employment, education, social care, healthcare, security, culture, and sports for young people. The municipality plans to improve the status of young people through strategic action plans that include activities such as improving urban transport, expanding non-formal education, bolstering entrepreneurship incentives, enriching cultural offerings, supporting youth initiatives and projects, and educating youth on the importance of healthcare.

The municipality of Hadžići has again proven to be a youth-friendly local community that works every day to improve the quality of life for its young people. The Institute for Youth Development KULT will continue our collaboration with the Municipality so we can work together to support and develop young people and youth organizations.

Youth Officer Mirela Dupovac expressed satisfaction following the Strategy’s adoption during the Municipal Council session. Interested parties can contact her for access to the document. Describing the Strategy, she states, “It takes a systemic approach to youth issues, focusing on key areas to address young people’s needs. Alongside action plans, it provides institutional mechanisms empowering youth to access their rights. The Municipality, together with the Institute for Youth Development KULT, included young people from the very beginning so they could contribute to developing the strategic activities in the document. All the working groups set realistic and achievable goals and defined the results we want. Through collaborative efforts and coordinated action of the Municipality, government institutions, and other relevant stakeholders, we are going to implement this Strategy over the next five years. The document will now enter the public hearing process, during which we will once again engage primarily with our young people so we can refine and enhance the draft,” said Mirela.

We invite young people and all interested parties to participate in the public hearing, which will continue until November 30, 2023. Please submit any comments and suggestions to Mirela Dupovac, Youth Officer at Hadžići Municipality, via email at

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