Localworks in Bosanska Krupa

What localworks means to people from municipalities included in this initiative was the main topic of our conversation with representatives of the civil society and institutions who expressed interest in supporting local actions.

During the visit to Bosanska Krupa, we talked about the ways localworks supports citizens’ ideas, and what improvements can be made to ensure that localworks is even more useful and simple for BiH citizens to use.

The localworks team met with the Mayor of the Bosanska Krupa Municipality, told him about the local civil activities suggested by people from Bosanska Krupa and presented ways in which the local government can work together with localworks.

The localworks team will continue visiting communities in BiH. The localworks initiative helps and supports local communities in BiH in recognizing the resources and support they need to address problems in their communities.

Through this initiative, the Institute will help local organizations, informal groups and individuals find solutions to problems they recognized in their local communities. localworks allows citizens to report problems they want to solve in their local communities, and suggest solutions by using local resources and connecting with other actors in their community.

Localworks supports all legal and natural entities, and informal groups of citizens who are residents or are registered in one of the following local communities in BiH: Bihać, Bosansko Grahovo, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Petrovac, Berkovići, Bileća, Bužim, Cazin, Čapljina, Čitluk, Drvar, Gacko, Glamoč, Grude, Istočni Drvar, Istočni Mostar, Ključ, Krupa na Uni, Kupres, Ljubinje, Ljubuški, Neum, Nevesinje, Novi Grad, Petrovac, Posušje, Prozor/Rama, Ravno, Ribnik, Stolac, Trebinje and Velika Kladuša.

The localworks initiative is implemented by the USAID and the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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