The Institute for Youth Development KULT organised “Youth Change” conference in partnership with the Embassy of Germany at the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the purpose of exchanging experiences on youth participation in the decision-making process. 


There are 40 participants in the conference, youth aged 18 – 30, who want to hear the direct experiences of their peers, as well as the ones of the long-standing political agents on active participation in the decision-making process, youth policy and youth activism significance in general to create a brighter future.   

Institute for Youth Development KULT project coordinator, Mirela Ajanovi? Ali?, stated that the conference aims to gather long-standing politicians and youth in one place to convey experiences in political processes and decision-making.  

They will convey their long-term experience in politics to youth, political party youth, members of youth councils and committees and youth officers, keeping in mind that they themselves entered politics as young activists, stated Ali?.

 In addition, the conference will encompass non-formal education as a form of education and the ways to impact youth in decision-making and critical thinking.
Mario Vukasovi?, Sabina ?udi?, Darko Riki?, Mirza Ustamuji? and DĹľenana Husremovi? actively participated in the conference.
Jens Wagner, Embassy of Germany cultural attachĂ© emphasized that youth policy is a very important action segment. He emphasized the yearslong collaboration with “KULT” and that last year the Embassy decided to put focus on youth area.  
The reason for this is our belief that it is depressing and scandalous to see a lack of perspective and frustration in BiH youth. Most youth in BiH feel that no one cares for them or their position. Youth unemployment rate in BiH is among the highest ones in Europe. I believe it is a tragedy for many young people and at the same time a potential hazard to BiH.  
Wagner emphasized that the democratic processes should enable youth generation to lead and have a brighter future, with the opportunity of their opinion being heard throughout the political process. 


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