Institute for Youth Development KULT supports the Proposal for Frame-Law on Incentives for Youth Employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Institute for Youth Development KULT develops and advocates legal and other strategic solutions, and builds and strengthens the capacities of associations and governmental authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, for a successful and sustainable youth policy. The Institute finds youth crucial population that can and should lead the process of democratisation of the society in BiH and the region. In order to make this possible, intentions of the decision makers must be directed towards a successful and sustainable youth policy.


Thusly, it is important to accentuate that the Parliamentary Assembly received the Proposal for frame law on incentives for youth employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose authorised proposer is Niko Lozan?i?, HDZ BiH representative in the Parliamentary Assembly BiH.


In Article 4, the Proposal particularly treats complete or partial exemption from tax obligations, contributions or charges calculated on employee salary, except for contributions for pension-disability insurance, and that contributions are downsized by 50% for those who employ youth (29 – 35 years of age), as stated in Article 5 of the Proposal. Additional incentives for the employers would be guaranteed by Article 8 of the Proposal, which states that the employment of youth guarantees priority status for other incentives, support and help given by authorities at all levels.


The Institute for Youth Development KULT has conducted a research study in collaboration with the Federal ministry of culture, sports and youth, which showed that unemployment is the biggest issue of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which there are 560 000 unemployed persons, half of which are from age 15 – 35, according to the data by the Institute for Statistics and the Labour and Employment Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Due to this, the Institute publically supports the Proposal for frame law on incentives for youth employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina more for having youth enlisted with the adequate employment services which do not pay for health insurance and other contributions in the most reproductive years of life and in utter life and social dependence and insecurity. With the adoption of this law, the society would guarantee a realistic chance for a work engagement of youth who have expertise in work competency, earning and gaining work experience. Thusly, youth employment process would be effectively precipitated and total work activity enhanced, and black labour market minimised.  



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