Funding and Opportunities for Young People in Novo Sarajevo – Youth Strategy Adopted

The Municipal Council of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo adopted their Youth Strategy 2022-2027. What does this mean for young people? The new programs and opportunities the Municipality will implement are expected to address youth issues in employment, education, health, social security, culture, and sports. The strategy will include activities that will ensure young people’s participation in decision-making processes and support youth organizations and the Youth Council of Novo Sarajevo.

One of the most significant measures is the budget for youth, which will be the first budget of its kind in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, aligned with the Law on Youth and the needs of youth in the community.

The Municipality of Novo Sarajevo will use their employment and self-employment programs to provide young people with information and economic and social security. This includes launching a Center for the promotion and support of business development and a hub that will be created by young entrepreneurs.

The Center will be a one-stop shop for any information young entrepreneurs need. It will include a coworking hub and access to subsidies for starting a business.

The Municipality will establish a committee to oversee the implementation of the strategy and provide annual reports on the progress of planned measures and activities. Updates will be shared with the public through social media and official communication channels of the Municipality.


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