Fund Allocation Criteria for Entrepreneurship Projects for Youth and Women in FBiH

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, in its efforts to develop a successful and sustainable youth policy, contributes to creating legislation and other strategic solutions to improve the position of youth in BiH.  

Cooperation with different state administrations and institutions at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina was enhanced through initiating cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

Following the work of the Committee for Economic and Financial Development through the project Strengthening the Governing Processes and Institutions in FBiH, the Institute gained familiarity with incentives intended by the aforementioned Ministry for youth and women, through the Proposal of Decision to adopt the expenditure programme with fund allocation criteria for current transfers stated in the 2014  Budget of FBiH. We were pleased to witness the constructive debates of the Commission’s members on all issues discussed, reflecting a serious approach dedicated to strengthening systems of responsibility and transparency.

In line with our area of expertise, with focus on improving the position of youth and achieving gender equality, we have initiated cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts on developing general and special criteria for allocating funds for entrepreneurship projects implemented by youth and women. The Institute wants to make sure that measurable criteria are in place, enabling as many NGOs from the aforementioned areas to apply to public calls for grants in their respective areas.

First meetings within this initiative will be held near the end of the month.

The Institute is experienced in this area, and had previously participated in developing the Model Decision on criteria, manner and procedures for grant allocation for youth projects funded and co-funded with municipal budget funds, which is used by local administrations in the process of awarding these types of funds. 

The Joint Committee for Economic and Financial Development of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FBiH, brought to the attention of state administrations awarding funds to NGOs the fact that one of the criteria for applying for grants has to require providing proof that organisation Assembly sessions had been held, along with supplying financial reports adopted by the Assembly members during annual sessions.


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