FBiH Youth Strategy Programs and Measures to Address Key Challenges and Youth Issues

Efforts continue to adopt a systematic approach towards youth in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, aiming to improve their status by identifying and addressing key issues and challenges to be targeted in the Youth Strategy for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period of 2024-2027.

The teams working on the strategy identified and thoroughly analyzed weaknesses and outlined solutions and desired outcomes. These efforts aim to support the development of young people and their participation in society.

Key findings indicate the need to establish new legal frameworks and enhance programs in culture, sports, and ecology. These improvements aim to offer young people additional support and development opportunities, such as the Youth Transfer initiative. The complete implementation of the FBiH Law on Youth is crucial for involving young people in decision-making processes. One of the goals is to develop innovative approaches to working with young people.

In all thematic areas, there is a recognized need to develop suitable information systems and improve youth education. When it comes to security, given the multitude of social challenges, the team prioritized improving cybersecurity for young people in the digital space. Considering the results of the survey on the positions and needs of young people, which indicate that over 50% of young girls in FBiH have either never undergone a gynecological exam or declined to answer this question, the teams focused on proposing a program to promote and protect the reproductive health of young people. Additionally, they aimed to develop a youth-friendly approach to delivering health services.

The members of the teams working on the strategy and other stakeholders working in different areas tried to identify the needs of young people in order to work together to create new opportunities for youth in FBiH.

All teams emphasized that it is crucial to adhere to principles such as youth participation in decision-making processes at all levels and ensuring equal opportunities and rights for all young people.

The Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina actively participates in all activities by engaging in thematic work teams, and ensuring that youth perspectives and opinions are considered. These young people are represented through various youth associations that comprise local youth councils.

The FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the leader of the initiative to develop a youth strategy for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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